CCC Liberia


CCC Liberia

Dr. Alfred Karlay

Praise Yahvah!

If Yahvah is on my side, who can be against me?

This is a frequently used quote by me as I travel through this life with my lord, Yeshua Machiach. I thoroughly believe that who so ever the Lord calls to do his will, can no man stop. Therefore, it came to me as no surprise when the Bishop saw it necessary to select me as one of the candidates to be ordained to the office of a pastor. This is indeed a confirmation that thoroughly indeed the Lord will sculpt and mold any vessel he chooses to spread the good news of the gospel with the ultimate goal of winning souls for Machiach. It is against this background that I am honor and considered it a privilege to be accepted by the CCC family, as a member of its Board of pastors.

My name is Alfred Karlay. I was born in Liberia, a small country on the west coast of Africa, founded by freed American slaves. I have been a member of the Christian Community Center family for more than twenty years. But prior to my coming to the United States of America, and becoming a member of the CCC family, I had already received the Lord as my personal savior. I was baptized at an early age in the name of Yeshua and filled with the Holy Ghost.

I received my primary and secondary education in Liberia. I also received my undergraduate and graduate education in the United States.

Having completed my education, the time has come that I return to my native Liberia to spread the word of Yahvah to the lost souls, under the auspices of our beloved Bishop, Dr. Will T. Washington. In earnest, the work of Yahvah has begun in Liberia under the leadership of Bishop Washington. There are plans afoot to construct a medical clinic and a new church building where the name of YESHUA will be proclaimed. Currently, I serve as the Pastor of a small church in Liberia, with a growing membership of some 125 to 150 members.

Again, it is an honor and a blessing to be so chosen. All praises to Yahvah. His mercy endured for ever and ever. Amen!