Sunday School


Sunday School


“Sunday School is a foundation to build your child’s only hope for Christian development.

“A child who grows up in Sunday School seldom grows up in Court”

Sunday School Department Ages 2-17

We are excited and delighted to welcome your children and youth to attend our dynamic Sunday School classes.   The students are taught in an exciting manner a foundation of Biblical principles from the Old and New Testament which are made relevant and real to their daily lives.  The lessons taught in our classes will prepare and develop the children and youth for a lifetime of challenges as they participate and learn about Yahvah’s word in these classes throughout their young years.  In order to promote the learning needs with enthusiasm for every student, teachers are assigned to separate classrooms for designated age groups from Pre-School to Teens. Teaching aide packages are distributed quarterly to assist each teacher to reinforce the lessons learned.   Our desire is that our classes  encourage each student to look forward to returning to learn more about the Bible each week!


Sunday School Class Experience

Learn to be faithful students in the attendance of Yahvah’s house  

Learn the importance of praise and worship  

Learn the importance of Yahvah's (God’s) word through for lifetime

Develop relationship with their teachers and peers which will last a lifetime. 

Learn about Yeshua and basic Hebrew language, starting with the alphabet

Capture a relationship with Yeshua and share their experience with others 

Most students continue on through the years of training to Students are taught the salvation plan and other related stories and encourage to share it with their friends and relatives.

Sunday School Schedule

Sunday School – Sunday Morning, 9:30AM - 10:15 AM. 

First Sunday every month – Hebrew classes in the Conference Room for Ages 4-17 years old.

Nursery age students 2-3 are given refreshments and remain in the classroom through 11:00 AM at that time the Nursery Director and staff starts servicing that group during morning service.

Pre-School children remain with their Sunday School Teacher until 11:00 AM, at that time the children are taken upstairs for the Children’s Church service

Sunday School Classes are dismissed Primary through Teens at 10:15 AM and released to go next door for refreshments

Primary Goal

Our goal in the Sunday School Department is to assist the students in their spiritual development in their   "Train up a child in the way they should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

(Proverbs (Mishile) 22:6).   

Parents participation

We are excited and look forward to having your children and youth attend Sunday School consistently every Sunday to learn all of the Biblical truths in the word of Yahvah

We are teaching the children also to be cheerful givers, please send an offering with your child each Sunday

For any information regarding Sunday School you can contact:

Pamela Scott, Director

(323) 751-3896