Going Green

3CLA Goes GREEN for LIT Liberia: From now until August 25th, 3CLA will not hand out any printed bulletins during church service.  All church announcements will be available ONLINE at www.3CLA.org and can be heard during Sunday morning services, as usual.  Money saved during these hot summer months will go towards LIT Liberia!  If you would like to support this worthy cause, you may make a monetary donation via smartGIVING @ 562-242-1793 or during offering. (Limited quantities will be available for our “treasured guests” only.)

Summer Bible Challenge

ALL Youth:  The Summer Bible Challenge is underway for all of our future scholars.  We are learning the books of the Bible by memory.  And, for those who are ready to “show themselves approved” (2 Timothy 2:15), we are also learning the books in their original Hebrew language.  Are YOU up for the challenge? 

Open House

Sunday School: Parents, join us September 15, 2019 at 1:30pm - 3:30pm as we have our annual Open House.


Family Night: Join us for Family Night, September 29, 2019 at 4pm.

40th Anniversary Celebration

40th Anniversary Gala:  Saints and Friends!  Join us in commemorating 40 years of TRUTH at 3CLA’s anniversary celebration on Friday, October 18th at the Betty Reckas Cultural Center in Long Beach, 5761 E. Colorado St.  Program starts at 5:30pm, dinner at 6pm.  Tickets are only $75 per person.  Formal attire requested.  Don’t miss what promises to be a lovely affair of fun and fellowship for 40!  Tickets available for purchase in the lobby after every service.


Where Did Energy Go

Wholy Wellness© Health Corner: Do you feel tired in the morning? Is coffee the only thing that gets you up and going? Do you find that 3pm-4pm you feel really sluggish and need a boost of energy? This low energy may be due to imbalanced blood sugar...More Info. 

4CI News Letter

4CI KEEPING IN TOUCH NEWSLETTER: Do you have a fiery hot testimony? How about a meaningful scripture that has helped you? Directors share about your department here at 3CLA. We want to hear from you! Be a blessing and declare what YHVH has done in your life. Submission forms are located at the info station. The deadline for all submissions is the first of each month. Contact Tsedeye Langston for any additional questions.

4CI Liberia

4CI PROJECTS IN LIBERIA: Praise YHVH Saints! Christian’s Community Center Churches International has completed several projects in Liberia. You all have come together in unity to make this possible, and what a blessing it has been. We are now working on building a medical clinic and we still need your help and support. We would also like to remind you of our Global Fund, which consists of donations of $10.00 a week from each 4CI member. Your $5.00 a week has done so much for our church in Liberia, please continue giving your generous donations, and write the word “Liberia” on the envelope. Thank you so much for your support! ONLINE MEDIA: If you would like to access videos of our services, tune in to our ONLINE MEDIA CENTER @ www.cccla.org/media. 24/7 Access.

Save Call Info

**As a reminder, please save 3CLA’s information call number so that you can get the latest news and updates on services and other activities—(844)358-1565.  Let’s stay CONNECTED! 

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Weekly Bulletin 9-15-19 | Part I

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