ACT (Ages 13-17)


ACT (Ages 13-17)

ACT (Anointed Christian Teens) Ages 13-17

The Youth Ministry of Christian’s Community Center Los Angeles is a thriving environment for young believers.  Amid a culture that daily launches attacks on the hearts and minds of teenagers and young adults, we seek to offer Biblical and practical solutions to help equip those young people as they fulfill their God-given purpose and be courageous world-changers for Yeshua (Jesus).

We work to achieve this by providing a relevant and interactive environment where your young person will learn about the truths of Yahvah’s (God's) word in fresh and creative ways. Our youth events are set up specifically so teens are able to connect with Yahvah; connect with caring and upstanding leaders and their friends, who also desire to make a difference.

ACT’s volunteer leaders are committed to living lifestyles above reproach in order to set Godly examples for the young people they serve. They do their utmost to keep the parents of ACT students informed, and connected with the teachings and events that we offer.

ACT Youth Meetings are held every 2nd Sunday, which include mind-grabbing Biblical teaching, creativity and a time of live worship.
  • ACT Meets in the Agape Sun Room 2:30 PM-4:30 PM every 2nd Sunday.  Lunch is provided at no cost!


Connect: We live to connect with Yahvah through worship, teaching and creativity. We connect with others in a way that builds and encourages their lives.

Serve: We live to serve other people in our generation. We serve those who are younger than we are, and we honor those that have gone before us.

Give: We live generously. We do not exist for ourselves but purpose to live beyond our immediate need.

Reach: We reach out to our family. We reach out to our friends.  We reach out to our schools. We reach out to our workplace and co-workers.  We reach out to our communities. We live beyond ourselves to help others experience the amazing life we have been given.

Lead: We live our lives as an example for others to follow. In words, actions and attitudes. We are the future leaders in this ministry.

For more information about A.C.T, please visit or contact Deacon Andre Davis at